£25,000 Loan with Donkey Finance

Dreaming of upgrading your living space or embarking on a home improvement project? Unlock the potential of a £25,000 loan from Donkey Finance to turn your vision into reality.

  • Revitalise your living space with a £25,000 loan: Considering a home makeover? Empower your plans with a substantial loan that can fund an extension or a complete overhaul of your living space.
  • Make your dream car a reality with a £25,000 loan: Owning a new car doesn’t have to be a distant dream. With a £25,000 loan, you can explore the option of covering the upfront costs, allowing you to manage the purchase price more flexibly.
  • Smart loan management tips: Keep in mind that a £25,000 loan involves a substantial financial commitment. Utilise our user-friendly loan calculator to explore repayment period options and make an informed decision.
  • Flexible borrowing options: At Donkey Finance, you may qualify for a borrowing period of up to 10 years. While opting for a longer-term loan can ease the burden of repayments, it’s essential to acknowledge that it may incur higher interest costs over the extended repayment period.

How our loans work

Get the upfront funds you require with a loan and enjoy the flexibility of repaying it over time. Whether you’re planning a unique getaway, eyeing a new vehicle, or dreaming of a modern kitchen, a personal loan can bring these aspirations within reach at a more manageable cost.

Eligible for UK residents aged 18 and above, loan rates are contingent on factors such as the loan amount, duration, and individual situations. Approval is subject to status.

Our range includes unsecured personal financing options, ensuring that if we extend a loan to you, it won’t be tied to your residence, vehicle, or any other assets. This gives you the freedom to allocate the funds towards your specific needs.

  • Flexible repayment options: Choose a loan term ranging from 12 to 120 months, depending on the loan amount and purpose. Keep in mind that certain loan purposes may have a capped maximum repayment period.
  • Tailored borrowing: Select the precise amount you require, whether for substantial expenses or minor ones. We cater to various needs and allow you to be precise about the loan amount, down to the last pound.
  • Transparent interest structure: Experience a fixed interest rate throughout the loan’s duration. At the loan’s initiation, we calculate the total interest for the entire term and include it in your loan amount. Monthly interest is then determined by applying the APR-based interest rate to your reduced loan balance after each repayment. This calculated interest is added to the loan amount and divided across the monthly repayments.
  • Estimate costs: Utilise our loan calculator for an estimated cost based on your desired loan amount and term. Keep in mind that the actual interest rate may vary depending on individual circumstances. Our offered APR ranges from a minimum of 6.1% to a maximum of 34.5%.

What is the timeline for receiving my financing?

Upon approval, you’ll be sent crucial documents within a week. Thoroughly review, sign, and send them back to us.

For online applications, an instant decision awaits you. If deemed eligible, you can electronically sign the financing agreement. Subsequently, we employ Faster Payments to seamlessly transfer the funds directly to your bank account.

Upon satisfactory review of the provided information, your loan will be officially sanctioned, and the funds will be seamlessly deposited into your designated bank account.

Payment breaks

Ease the burden by delaying the commencement of your loan repayments, especially when facing additional expenses. When applying for a loan, you may qualify for a deferred payment option before initiating your monthly repayments.

This grace period is exclusively applicable at the outset of your loan. If your request for this feature is approved, the initial payment will be deferred until the third month following the loan’s issuance.

During the payment deferment, interest will accrue, and the overall loan duration will be extended by two months, resulting in an additional two months’ worth of interest payments. Please carefully review your offer documentation for a comprehensive understanding of the terms associated with the payment deferral.

Paying back your loan

Your monthly installment is conveniently handled through a direct debit from the account where the loan is credited. The inaugural payment is scheduled for one month after the loan is issued, aligning with the date you specified in your application.

  • Predictable payments: Rest assured, all loans from our institution come with fixed rates. This implies that your monthly direct debit payments will remain consistent throughout the entire loan tenure, ensuring a straightforward and uncomplicated repayment process.
  • Consequences of late payments: In the event of a delayed payment, a fee of £12 will be levied each time, along with an additional £12 if a default notice is issued.
  • Early loan repayment option: Certainly. You have the flexibility to settle your loan ahead of schedule. However, opting for early repayment incurs a charge equivalent to up to two months’ worth of interest.

Credit checks

When you apply for a loan, we will conduct a credit reference check, and a credit score will be created based on the information you provide and your credit reference information. This will assist us in determining whether or not we can lend to you. We will then notify you of the decision and the status of your application.

APR & the annual rate of interest

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) signifies the comprehensive expense of borrowing, expressed as a percentage of your outstanding amount, spanning a year. Computed from the annual interest rate and inclusive of any initial fees, the APR provides a means to evaluate and compare the expenses associated with various loan and credit propositions.

Meanwhile, the annual interest rate represents the proportion of interest applied to your loan amount, expressed as a percentage, over the course of a year.

How long can you take out loan for with Donkey Finance?

Choosing the right type of loan significantly impacts the timeframe and feasibility of financial commitments. Each loan type—bridging, mortgage, and development finance—serves distinct purposes and thus the loan term typically varies depending which product is chosen.

Bridging Loans
Bridging loans are designed to provide short-term financing solutions for individuals or businesses looking to secure property quickly, typically within 0 to 24 months, though usually offered for 12 months.

Secured Loans
Secured loans are backed by collateral such as property or assets, offering lenders security in case of default, making them suitable for longer-term financial commitments. Most secured loans are offered for over 5 years; simply use our payment calculator to work out your monthly payment, along with the interest rates attached to the loan you take out.

Mortgages are long-term loans used primarily for purchasing property, commonly structured over 10 to 30 years in the UK, allowing borrowers to spread out repayments and manage costs effectively. Borrowers can utilise mortgage calculators to estimate monthly repayments based on interest rates and loan terms.

Getting a loan if you have bad credit

Donkey Finance specialises in helping individuals secure loans even if they have a history of bad credit. Donkey Finance aims to find suitable loan options that meet their clients’ needs. Individuals with bad credit can still access competitive loan rates and flexible repayment terms. Whether for personal expenses, debt consolidation, or business ventures.

Loans for the self-employed

We recognise the challenges faced by self-employed individuals in traditional lending environments and we aim to provide accessible and competitive loan solutions that empower self-employed individuals.

An example of our £25k loan

Loan amount


Monthly repayments


Length of agreement

60 months

Total amount repayable



6.1% APR

Fixed Annual Rate of Interest (nominal)


The above example is indicative for those with good credit.
The rate displayed is for illustration purposes only and could change when provided a quote for your loan.
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