While Donkey Finance does everything to treat the customers with respect and to ensure their money problems are handled correctly, there are some times when people make mistakes and issues are not taken care of properly. If you are unhappy with the way that you have been treated or your request for a loan has been handled, you will need to file an official complaint. By following the correct steps, this is an easy process.

Wait for Acknowledgement and Investigation

After filing your complaint, you will receive acknowledgement of its receipt within 5 business days. After that your complaint will be investigated and you will receive a final response within a month. There are some times that the investigation will take longer, in which case, you will get an update about your case.

Your Final Response

There are some times that the investigation will take longer than 4 weeks, and if it does then you can expect a final response within eight weeks. The time frame begins as soon as your complaint is received. While most complaints are easily resolved in this time frame, some need longer, and you will receive written information about when you can expect resolution, if yours needs additional time to resolve.

Steps to Take if You are Dissatisfied

If you do not get a final response within 8 weeks of your complaint or are unhappy with the final response you have received during the process, you can write for more information and additional investigation and support.

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