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Together Money are property finance specialists. For nearly 50 years, they’ve helped people, businesses, and property professionals realise their ambitions with their common-sense approach to lending.

By looking for ways to say ‘yes’, they’ve designed their loans and mortgages to be more accessible. It means they can open doors, even when other lenders may close them, and deliver the finance that’s right for you in the timeframes you need.

How can Donkey Finance help?

Embark on a journey to discover the unparalleled mortgage rates offered by dynamic specialist lenders throughout the UK, guided by the expertise of Donkey Finance. Utilise our expansive mortgage exploration service to effortlessly identify the ideal residential or commercial mortgage. Engage with our mortgage exploration calculator to unveil your perfect loan or connect with a member of the Donkey Finance team for personalised assistance.

Exclusive mortgage solutions

Whether you’re a first-time buyer investing in a cutting-edge new build or participating in the Right to Buy scheme, an experienced homeowner seeking improved terms by transitioning lenders, or a commercial borrower in pursuit of competitive financing for a business real estate acquisition, Donkey Finance stands ready to deliver a swift, adaptable, and dedicated funding solution. With Bank of England base rates at unprecedented lows, now is the opportune moment to secure an exceptional deal on a fixed-rate mortgage or variable-rate tracker product. At Donkey Finance, our commitment lies in providing a comprehensive lending facility covering the entire market, ensuring clients access the most favourable rates on a diverse array of intelligent mortgage products. Our network spans mainstream lenders and an exclusive selection of private investors, ready to evaluate any application on its merits.

Donkey Finance: your gateway to exclusive mortgage deals

Operating as a comprehensive broker, Donkey Finance collaborates closely with leading mortgage providers across the UK, granting exclusive access to mortgage deals and interest rates unavailable on the High Street. We simplify the process of comparing mortgage rates, offering insights into hundreds of mortgage products and lenders to uncover the perfect deal tailored to your requirements and budget. Reach out to the Donkey Finance team to discuss your needs, and we’ll handle the rest. Even if you have a history of unfavourable credit, we are committed to securing an affordable loan of the highest calibre for you.

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