Barclays Mortgage Comparison Calculator

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With a history dating back more than 325 years, Barclays has the kind of pedigree that speaks for itself. Credited with introducing the world to its very first ATM, Barclays is known as a champion of innovation and proactive financial services for private and business customers alike.

Barclays mortgage products

An online mortgage calculator offers a convenient means of finding out how big a mortgage you’ll be able to apply for and how much it will cost you. These calculators can be used for all manner of mortgage products, including Barclays Buy-to-Let mortgages and various home mortgages from a vast list of lenders.

You should always keep in mind that an online loan calculator is only designed to give you an approximation of your eligibility for a loan and the involved costs. Loan calculators can’t guarantee you will be approved for a loan.

Buy-to-let mortgages from Barclays

To be able to take out a buy-to-let mortgage from Barclays, you have to meet certain criteria. You must be at least 21 years old, and all joint applicants have to be 18 or older. Up to four people can apply together as long as you are not working for a company. Each property can have up to £2 million borrowed against it, with £3 million in total loans from Barclays and £4.5 million across total lenders. Borrowers can have up to six rental properties with mortgages through Barclays and ten total from all lenders.

Deciding how much to borrow

Using a buy-to-let mortgage calculator, you can decide how much you are going to be able to borrow when you are deciding on a new purchase. Bear in mind that the rent will need to cover not only the amount that you owe Barclays but also other expenses associated with being a landlord, including tax law changes, rising interest rates, and maintenance that needs to be performed.

Consider remortgaging

If you have a buy-to-let property with another lender and are not happy with your terms or rates, then it is easy to move the mortgage to Barclays. Compare rates online to see if you will be enjoying a better deal.

Help-to-buy loans from Barclays

With Help to Buy Equity Loans, the government gives you up to 20% of how much your newly built home is valued at, so you only need to put down a 5% deposit before applying for a 75% mortgage. You will not be charged fees for the 20% provided by the government for the first 5 years of buying your house.

  • You provide the first 5% of the value of the new-build property as a deposit
  • The government gives you up to 20% of your property’s value
  • The remaining 75% is applied for via a mortgage lender

The interest rate you will be charged

You will not pay any charges or interest on the loan for the first 5 years. In the 6th year, you will be charged 1.75%. After that, the fee rises by inflation based on the Retail Prices Index plus 1% each year. Retail Prices Index figures are created by the ONS (Office for National Statistics).

Commercial mortgages from Barclays

Commercial mortgages are used to buy business premises or to buy an existing business. Typically, commercial mortgage providers need a down payment of 25% to 40% of the total value of the loan, and mortgage terms can run from twelve months to forty years. A commercial mortgage is approved with your company’s ability to meet the payments as the primary concern.

You will find that commercial mortgage lenders will analyse your finances before deciding on what kind of interest rate they will offer you. Normally, they will look at your current financial position, past performance, and long-term future strategies.

The interest you’ll be quoted will ultimately be based on these factors and may be higher if the underwriter identifies a higher risk in the proposal. You may also need to provide a detailed business plan that demonstrates that you can realistically make the repayments on time, as agreed. When applying for a commercial mortgage from Barclays or any other high-street provider, a professional valuation will also be required.

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