The Woolwich Equitable Building Society was taken over by Barclays in August 2000, with all accounts being migrated to the Barclays Group in early 2007.

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      • Compare Woolwich Rates
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      • Fully FCA Regulated Loans
      • Compare over 75 Lenders

      Secured Loans at Woolwich

      During its time in business, the Woolwich was regarded as a reliable, trustworthy and customer-focused High Street bank. Specialising primarily in domestic banking services and loan products, secured loans at the Woolwich were typically limited to conventional loan products.

      Today, the Woolwich no longer exists, having been taken over by Lloyds Bank several years ago. As a result, secured loans for existing mortgage customers are available with the following features and characteristics:

      • £10,000 as the minimum amount you can borrow
      • Borrow up to 85% of the total value of the property
      • The current mortgage must have been active for a minimum of six months
      • There must be no outstanding mortgage payments or arrears at the time
      • Credit checks and proof of income/financial status may be required
      • Interest rates and overall borrowing costs vary significantly

      Lloyds Bank is also at the forefront of High Street business lending, offering an extensive range of business loans and funding solutions for new and existing businesses alike.

      The Donkey Finance Difference

      Since the days of the Woolwich, we’ve been providing a comprehensive catalogue of dynamic loan products for all purposes. What makes the difference with Donkey Finance? It’s simple – our complete commitment to flexibility and accessibility. In the absence of effective secured loans from the Woolwich, we offer affordable and accessible alternatives for borrowers at all levels.

      Secured loans organised by Donkey Finance are available for absolutely any purpose. Working with a team of specialist lenders across the UK, we can organise the funds you need without delays or unnecessary complications. Exclusive deals with low rates of interest and minimal borrowing costs, tailored to meet your requirements and budget. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, your ideal secured loan is just a quick call away!

      No Credit Checks Required

      Best of all, we’ve always separated ourselves from major lenders like the Woolwich by focusing on what really matters. Unlike the average High Street lender, our partners typically impose no credit checks and request no proof of income whatsoever. Just as long as you can cover the cost of the loan with the required collateral, you’re almost guaranteed to qualify!

      From home improvements to business expenses to urgent costs that cannot wait, a secured loan from Donkey Finance could be just the ticket. Use our convenient online loans calculator for an overview of what’s on offer, or reach out to a member of our customer support team for an obligation-free consultation.

      Homeowner Loans from Woolwich

      Homeowner loans are designed for people who have already taken out a mortgage. A homeowner loan may also be referred to as a secured loan, which means your property could be repossessed if you fail to make repayments on time. This diminishes the lenders risk, which results in preferential rates of interest. However, this presents a serious risk to borrowers who could have their homes repossessed if payments are not honoured.

      The overall value of your loan will ultimately depend on the actual loan provider and the total amount that your assets are worth, but a homeowner loan can be anywhere in the region of £250k to £500k. This is because lenders feel more self-assured granting loans to those who are equipped to put forward security.

      Owing to the huge amount of credit that’s associated with these loans, repayments can extend up to 30 years. This borrowing term means that a borrower may benefit from lower rates of interest, but be aware that you will pay more in total over the long run.

      You can often repay a homeowner loan before the agreed term has been reached, but this means that you will often be required to pay an extra charge for this.

      Career Development Loans from Woolwich

      A good way to climb up the corporate ladder is by enhancing your CV with a postgraduate degree, but this can be very expensive; a postgraduate degree costs on average £11,000 per year. A Career Development Loan is designed to offer postgraduate students a helping hand whilst they are studying and often offers a much more attractive interest rate compared to other mass market loan products.

      Professional Career Development Loans are where the Government pays the interest during the course. Whilst you’re studying, this means you are not amassing more and more debt. The reason a Career Development Loan is preferred than a bank loan, is because the Learning and Skills Council pays the interest for the duration of your studies. You can borrow as much as £10,000, although the amount you can borrow will ultimately be confined to 80% of your course fees, expenses and living costs.

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