Best Secured Rates from UK Bridging Loans

Compare loan rates to other lenders using our loan comparison calculator below. UK Bridging Loans offer best rates for secured homeowner finance.

UK Bridging Loans Ltd. is a unique lender. They deal with a large number of cases each year and have access to the speedy release of cash that clients require, in some cases, as quickly as 24 hours.

UK Bridging Loans are the secured choice of many

With no legal costs, no age limitations, and no credit rating criteria, UK Bridging Loans is the bridging loan lender of choice for those who want money as soon as possible. We can create a financial plan to match your particular and unique needs, as we provide both second- and third-charge loans as well as development bridging.

Before you take out a secured loan, you should consider, “What is the best option for you?” A second-charge mortgage is a full re-mortgage with capital raising, an additional advance, or a secured loan.

When a secured loan would be necessary

  • Light renovations and expansions are examples of home improvements.
  • Raise a deposit to buy a second home.
  • Consolidation of Debts
  • Business capital infusion
  • Repay loans obtained through the Help to Buy scheme or other government-funded programmes.
  • If you have bad credit, you may be unable to obtain a personal loan, but you may be able to borrow against your property.
  • Where the source of revenue is ambiguous or comes from numerous sources
  • Any valid cause can be used to raise funds.

Calculating the costs

The amount of your secured loan will be determined by a number of criteria, including:

  • Borrowing amount: The amount borrowed will affect the loan’s cost.
  • Interest rate: Interest is essentially the cost of borrowing. The interest rate you are offered will be decided by your financial situation, credit score, and the rates available from the lender at the moment.
  • Loan duration: A longer loan term will result in cheaper monthly payments, but you will pay more interest altogether.
  • Extra fees: The loan issuer may charge you extra fees, such as an arrangement fee.

Our secured loan calculator will assist you in calculating the cost of your loan.

Examine the market for a good deal

Secured loan comparison websites may not always present a realistic picture of the available possibilities. It is recommended to talk with an independent broker as soon as possible to guarantee you the best offer on your secured loan.

Some of the greatest bargains on specialty secured loans are not available on the High Street in the United Kingdom, and independent lenders and smaller banks may only be accessible through an established and trustworthy broker.

Let our AI software compare rates for secured loans against high-street banks and other institutions:

Main Stream Banks
Barclays Halifax
HSBC Lloyds Bank
Martin Lewis Nationwide
NatWest Post Office
RBS Santander
Shawbrook Bank Skipton Building Society
Tesco Together Money
UK Bridging Loans Yorkshire Bank