Shawbrook Bank bills itself on being ‘proudly different’ to mainstream banks and lenders. Rather than offering fixed products, services and application acceptance criteria, customers and their requests are instead assessed on individual merit. Established in 2011, Shawbrook was founded to create the UK’s first true ‘human’ bank where key decisions are never made by computers.



''We are extremely competitive with the bank rates of Shawbrook. No matter what loan or mortgage you're looking for, we have access to the best rates for finance in the UK.''

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      • Compare Shawbrook Loans
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      • FCA Regulated Loans
      • Compare Over 75 Lenders
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      Bridging Loans from Shawbrook Bank

      Usually, a bridging loan tends to be used for purchasing a property. These loans are designed to aid people who are moving house and who want to acquire a new property while their existing property is still on the market. When equity happens to be locked up in a mortgage, a Shawbrook Bank bridging loan may be appropriate to finance a property purchase.

      Bridging loans can be especially valuable to property owners, people who are buying property at an auction and developers. Home-movers may be planning to use a bridging loan to cover a break in a property chain, to make sure that they can acquire a brand-new home while awaiting a mortgage. Nonetheless, it is important that you keep in mind that getting a bridging loan does not assure you will obtain a mortgage in the future.

      In theory, they differ because they're for a short-term purpose, whereas long-term loans tend to have more general purposes. In reality, the speed of getting the cash in your account is the main difference between the two. It can take weeks for some other banks like Barclays to complete a standard loan application, but a Shawbrook bridging loan can be obtained in twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

      How much will a bridging loan cost?

      Adding up interest, the amount of the loan and the associated fees should give you an accurate number.

      • Property value - How much your security is valued at will also affect the rate of interest applied to your loan. The more risk a lender faces, the higher the interest will be.
      • Open vs. Closed - Closed bridging loans have a set repayment date, which lowers risk and lowers interest rates, while open bridging loans do not have a set repayment date.
      • Loan size Usually, bigger loans come with higher rates of interest due to the fact that they pose a greater risk to the loan provider.
      • Repayment terms - If you have chosen a closed bridging loan and you have set a concrete repayment date, the length of your loan may affect your interest rate - with longer loans subject to higher interest rates.

      Applying for Bridging Finance

      Any limited company, person, or trust can get a bridging loan online. The online application for bridging finance is usually easy to fill out and fast. These loans can be used for virtually any reason, as long as the reason for applying is accepted and the debtor is older than 18.

      Bridging loans require some type of an asset, such as land or property as security. They are also a secured loan type and this means the lender takes first or second charge over the asset, property or land being financed.

      If the borrower is a business, the lender might require further guarantees. The concept is that offering security to the lender guarantees the loan can be paid back. Without the ownership of an asset, a bridging loan application is unlikely to succeed.

      The primary concern for online bridging loan lenders is how and when they'll be paid back. Online loan providers will want to be certain that if they lend funds, they will be paid back as assured by the debtor.

      The security will be used to work out the LTV of a bridging loan, which works in a comparable way to a typical mortgage from one of the big high street banks, such as the Halifax, NatWest, or Santander.

      It shows the size of the loan in comparison with how much the property is valued at, which means that the overall loan amount must fit within the LTV limit.

      Bridging Loan Calculator

      Our bridging finance calculator is free, user-friendly and straightforward to use. It is a helpful tool that can help you:

      • Get an estimate on the amount you may be able to apply for.
      • Create estimations on how many payments you may make each month.
      • Find out how much you'll be able to borrow without affecting your credit report.

      Our bridging finance calculator can help you find the loan that is right for you.

      In addition to offering you an accurate estimate regarding how much you can borrow and how much it will cost you, our bridging finance calculator can also help you narrow down which deals are the most appropriate for your circumstances.

      Development Finance at Shawbrook

      Along with its extensive portfolio of personal banking services, Shawbrook also specialises in dynamic development finance. With particularly strong focus on more major building projects, Shawbrook offers property development loans in-line with the following criteria:

      • Loans available for new property build and refurbishments
      • Minimum loan size available £2.5 million
      • Maximum loan size available £25 million
      • Minimum single property value £150,000
      • Maximum single property value £1.5m
      • Borrow up to 80% of the total project costs

      Interest rates and borrowing costs vary significantly, in accordance with the borrower’s requirements and financial circumstances. Credit checks may also be required, in order to qualify for development finance with Shawbrook.

      Compare the Market

      If you’re looking to score the best deal on the development finance you need, Donkey Finance has you covered. Simply contact our team with your requirements and we’ll get to work comparing the UK market in its entirety.

      Our close connections with leading lenders like Shawbrook and dozens of independent specialists enable us to consistently outperform the competition. Whatever the size and nature of the project, we’ll pinpoint the perfect product to suit your needs and budget. We can also help you secure the funding you need if your credit history is less than ideal.

      So before submitting your application to Shawbrook, contact the team at Donkey Finance to see what we can do for you.

      Flexible Development Finance Deals

      Our expertise in all aspects of development finance is unrivalled. Hence, we understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility with these kinds of transactions. Particularly if time is a factor, there is no room for needless complexities and red tape.

      Donkey Finance was established to simplify every aspect of the application process for borrowers at all levels. By carrying out a market comparison on your behalf, you stand to save time and money in generous amounts. We’ll ensure your ideal loan is tailored to your exact requirements – not the other way around.

      For more information or to discuss any aspect of development finance in more detail, reach out to a member of the team at Donkey Finance today.

      Mortgages Supplied By Shawbrook Bank

      Commercial Mortgages from Shawbrook Bank

      Commercial mortgages typically take over where business loans finish. Business loans up to £25,000 are usually unsecured, but for larger amounts many lenders need security to reduce the risk. Due to the administrative and legal costs of taking security on commercial property, it is typically considered highly uneconomic to borrow any amount less than £50,000 this way.

      What Can Be Used as Security?

      Most lenders take the property you are buying as security for the loan, which is normally 70% of what the property is valued at, and ask for a deposit for the balance of the purchase price. If you don't have the cash available, you can usually offer the lender additional security, which is generally any other property you have substantial equity in, but this could also be other business assets such as shares or an insurance policy.

      How Much Can I Borrow?

      You can normally find a 70-75% mortgage for owner-occupied properties. If it's an investment, then the amount you apply to borrow will be normally be determined by the rental income that is generated by the investment, but this will seldom exceed 65% of the purchase price. If you are buying a business that includes goodwill or stock, then the amount available will be further reduced.

      Mortgage Calculator

      A mortgage is a big financial commitment, so you need to know how much it'll cost you and over what length of time. The best way of finding this out is to use a mortgage calculator which allows you to figure out exactly what your payments are going to be, whether you are moving house, a first-time buyer, re-mortgaging or applying for a buy to let mortgage.

      Even if you're an experienced investor or a first-time buyer, a mortgage calculator will help you find out the exact figures involved when deciding to sign up for a particular financing package.

      An online mortgage calculator is a straightforward tool to use and will tell you within seconds how much the payments are going to be, based on how much you need to borrow, the mortgage term and the rate of interest. This useful tool is also referred to as a re-mortgage calculator or an APR calculator and works for different mortgages – ranging from first-time buyer mortgages to buy-to-let mortgages.

      Be sure you're aware that these results only offer a general indication of how much you are going to need because all mortgage providers have different ways of assessing how much you can borrow and the required repayments you will need to make in order to pay the mortgage off.

      Help-to-Buy Loans from Shawbrook Bank

      These loans are intended to help people purchase a brand-new home without having to make a huge deposit. They are also highly useful for first-time buyers trying to get on the property ladder.

      To qualify for the scheme, you're required to:

      • Be looking at buying a property worth £600k or less, although for Help to Buy ISAs - different limits apply
      • Have a deposit of at least 5%
      • Be purchasing a property you're planning on living in most of the time

      These loans represent one of the most popular ways of getting onto the property ladder and are aimed at those who look at buying a new-build property.

      A Help to Buy equity loan works like this:

      • You put a deposit down of at least 5%
      • The government lends you up to 20% of how much the property is worth valued at as an equity loan
      • You get a mortgage on the remainder of the property's value, so, if you put down a deposit of 5% and your loan was 20%, you would then apply for a 75% mortgage

      Business Funding from Shawbrook

      Getting business start up funding can be very stressful, which is why many customers turn to large and established lending institutions when they need help. While this will certainly help you get the financing that you need, it may also result in you paying more for the money you borrow, borrowing more than you need, and even suffering through delays. While Shawbrook offers a number of different financing options for business customers, at Donkey Finance, we have taken steps to ensure that the loan application process is streamlined and easy to understand. With an approval rate of over 90%, it’s easy to see why we have so many business owners turn to us when they need help.

      Keeping It Simple

      One important thing to try to do when you are looking into business funding is to keep it as simple as possible. While Shawbrook offers an incredible number of different products to their customers, this can make it very daunting and difficult to choose the right small business funding for a particular situation. Rather than feeling overwhelmed when looking for business finance, you can apply with us at Donkey Finance. We believe in keeping thing simple, and not only do we offer application help if you need it, but it’s much easier to choose the right type of finance for business when you work with us.

      Smaller Amounts Matter

      Larger commercial customers are often the ones to benefit from working with Shawbrook to obtain the necessary funding for business ventures, while at Donkey Finance, we are happy to help customers even if they need smaller amounts. Working capital facilities funding lines range from £250,000 to £25m. This is great if you are a large company, but many times businesses need smaller amounts of alternative business funding. This is where we can help, as we offer up to £200,000 in small business finance, so you only borrow what you need.

      It’s easy to see how the amount of money that you need and the product that you choose can make a huge difference in the type of new business funding that you receive and how well it sets you up for success in the future. When you want to make sure that you have the new business finance that you need without taking on more debt that necessary or dealing with a difficult and time-consuming application process, you will want to turn to our professionals for help.

      Commercial Loans from Shawbrook Bank

      Commercial loans are short-term products which can be renewed once matured. A commercial loan is used to finance the capital needs of a company; that is the daily running costs and the purchase or lease of any essential assets that may be required. A commercial loan can often be borrowed from a bank or a credit union.

      A company’s assets tend to be used to secure the loan. In order to apply for a commercial loan, the business must always be seen as a good credit risk. To determine how good a credit risk the business is, specially appointed commercial loan officers will scrutinise various financial and tax statements whilst carrying out an analysis of a current business plan.

      Loan Calculator

      Our online loan calculators compare loans that can be paid back between terms of one and twenty-five years. The APR you'll be charged will depend on your circumstances, and generally falls between 3.2% and 99.9%. You can compare the cost of various deals by altering the loan term or the amount you want to apply to borrow. You can also enter your monthly budget and let the calculator tell you how much you're able to borrow and over what length of time. Loan calculators can be used for all available ShawBrook loan types, ranging from unsecured and secured products through to home and business loans.

      Auction Finance at Shawbrook

      Over the past few years, Shawbrook has grown to become one of the most dynamic lending specialists on the High Street. Unlike most, Shawbrook offers an extensive range of short-term lending products for a variety of purposes. While no specific auction finance is offered as a separate service, bridging finance from Shawbrook is ideal for investors.

      • Interest rates starting at 0.43% monthly
      • Loans available from £50,000 up to a maximum of £15 million
      • Borrow up to 75% of the property’s total value
      • Repayment periods of up to 24 months available
      • Early repayment available with no additional charges
      • No minimum term or minimum interest

      All applications are considered, but you will typically need a strong credit score to qualify. If you’re looking for the very best auction finance deal to suit your needs and your budget, we strongly recommend considering all the available options from lenders across the UK.

      Accessible Auction Finance

      There are now dozens of independent service providers in Britain, who specialise in auction finance and other short-term loan products. Here at Donkey Finance, we work closely with all of them. To find our customers the best possible deals, we consider every available option from the very best auction finance specialists in the UK.

      However urgent your requirements, we’ll provide quick and convenient access to the funds you need. As auction finance is secured on existing property, there’s typically no requirement for credit checks. So even if your financial history is somewhat chequered, you’ve still every chance of qualifying for the auction finance you need.

      Ask the Experts…

      Whether you’re ready to submit your application or simply considering the available options, we’d be happy to help. Contact the team at Donkey Finance to organise a pressure-free, obligation-free consultation with one of our experts.

      We’ll do whatever it takes to pair you with the perfect provider for your needs. Be it Shawbrook or any other leading lender in the UK, Donkey Finance guarantees unbeatable deals on the market’s most accessible loans.

      Call today, or drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Homeowner Loans from Shawbrook Bank

      A homeowner loan is only available to those who already have a mortgage. This type of borrowing is known as secured borrowing because the debt is secured against your home, which can be repossessed if payments are not made as agreed.

      Although this obviously reduces the lender’s risk, which results in preferential rates of interest, it simultaneously represents a significant risk to the borrower who will lose the property if repayments have defaulted.

      Loan Calculator

      Our online loan calculators compare loans that can be paid back between terms of one and twenty-five years. The APR you'll be charged will depend on your circumstances, and generally falls between 3.2% and 99.9%. You can compare the cost of various deals by altering the loan term or the amount you want to apply to borrow. You can also enter your monthly budget and let the calculator tell you how much you're able to borrow and over what length of time. Loan calculators can be used for all available ShawBrook loan types, ranging from unsecured and secured products through to home and business loans.

      The amount of the loan granted can vary from one lender to the next, but homeowner loans are generally available from £250,000 to £500k. This is because the loan providers always feel significantly more confident when approving loans to borrowers who are prepared to offer security.

      Because of the large amount of credit that's associated with a homeowner loan, the repayments can be spread over 30 years. These terms mean that debtors often benefit from much lower interest rates, although be mindful that more interest will be paid overall the longer the debt exists.

      Yes, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to pay back your homeowner loan early, but doing so will often incur an early settlement charge, which will be added to the balance at the time that a settlement figure is requested.

      Career Development Loans from Shawbrook Bank

      A good way to climb up the corporate ladder is by enhancing your CV with a postgraduate degree or similar qualification, but this can be quite costly.  It is estimated that a postgraduate degree costs an average £11k per annum.

      A Career Development Loan is designed to offer postgraduate students assistance during their studies and they typically come with a more attractive interest rate compared to other loan products.

      Professional Career Development Loans are where the Government pay the interest on your behalf for the duration of the course whilst you're studying.  This means that you are not accumulating debt whilst attending your place of study.

      The reason a Career Development Loan is better than a bank loan is that the Learning and Skills Council pay the interest for you whilst you're studying. You can borrow as much as £10,000, although the final amount you are allowed to borrow is limited to 80% of your course fees, living costs and other expenses.

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      How To Apply

      While many of the financial products and services provided by Shawbrook Bank can be applied for online, others require in-person meetings or telephone consultations. In any case, we can help you pinpoint and apply for the perfect product for your needs. Give a member of our customer support team a call today, or send us an email with an outline of your loan requirements.

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