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Formerly Sovereign Bank, Santander Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Santander Group. Established in Spain and today headquartered in Boston, USA, Santander continues to show a growing commitment to technological innovation and product flexibility. Santander is also the international banking group with the largest branch network, with an impressive 14,680 branches worldwide.

Secured loans at Santander

Santander offers a selection of secured loan options, which are open to existing customers who already have mortgages with the bank. If extra cash is required for any purpose, an additional loan secured on your property could be a viable option.

Some of the most important features and characteristics of Santander’s secured loans are as follows:

  • Loans available in sums of £5,000 or more
  • Repayment periods of five to 35 years
  • Borrow up to 85% of the property’s value
  • There are no specific arrangement fees or hidden charges
  • Early repayment is possible at no additional charge
  • Loans are available exclusively to existing mortgage customers
  • Strict credit report checks are required

Santander also offers secured loans for business purposes, which are also secured on the borrower’s existing property. Interest rates and borrowing costs vary from one loan to the next, in accordance with the requirements and financial status of the borrower.

Flexible, secured loan options

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The UK’s best deals

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Homeowner loans from Santander

A homeowner loan is only available to those who already have a mortgage.

Homeowner loans are sometimes called secured loans due to the fact that the debt is secured against an asset, which can then be repossessed if payments aren’t made.

This decreases the risk to the lender, which may result in preferential interest rates, but presents a huge risk to the debtor, who may lose their property if repayments have defaulted.

The amount of the loan granted varies, but homeowner loans are normally offered up to £500k. Lenders always feel more confident approving loans to people who are prepared to offer security.

How you can repay your secured homeowner loan

Because of the large amount of credit associated with a homeowner loan, the repayment can be spread over 25 years or longer. This term can mean that borrowers can benefit from low interest rates, although be aware that more interest will be paid overall.

There is the opportunity to pay back a homeowner loan before its due date, but doing so might incur an early settlement charge, which is added to the balance at the time that a settlement figure is requested.

How to apply

While many of the financial products and services provided by Santander can be applied for online, others require in-person meetings or telephone consultations. In any case, we can help you pinpoint and apply for the perfect product for your needs. Give a member of our customer support team a call today, or send us an email with an outline of your loan requirements.

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