HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial service organisations. Founded in 1865 to finance trade between Asia and the West, HSBC has grown to become a global banking powerhouse with more than 38 million customers. According to the bank, its purpose is to “enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams and realise their ambitions.

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  • Fully FCA Regulated Loans and Finance
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  • Compare HSBC Loans
  • Property Development Finance
  • HSBC Bridging Loans
  • Compare HSBC Remortgages
  • Remortgage your Home Quick
  • Whole Of Market Broker
  • Fully FCA Regulated Loans and Finance
  • No Preliminary Credit Checks
  • Best Rates for Bridging Loans
  • Best Rates Guaranteed!

Bridging Loans from HSBC

HSBC bridging loans are mainly used for property transactions. They are designed to cover a temporary shortage of credit, hence the term ‘ bridging’. Generally, they’re taken out for only two to three months. In situations where somebody buying a property needs to make a down payment on a brand-new mortgage before they have sold their existing property, a bridging loan could be a suitable idea.

What Are the Interest Rates Like?

Due to the specialist nature of bridging finance the interest is greater in comparison to loans from traditional high street banks, such as Lloyds, NatWest and Halifax. You can sometimes have interest payments ‘rolled up’. This means you will not pay on a monthly basis but rather a lump sum at the end of the agreed term instead. This is helpful for those people without the required funding at the early stages of receiving the loan.

How to Apply for Bridging Finance

Almost any limited company, trust, or individual can obtain bridging finance online. Usually, the online application for a bridging loan tends to be quick and simple to fill out. An HSBC bridging loan can be used for almost any reason, so as long as the borrower is over the age of 18 and the reason for applying is approved by the provider. Bridging loans always require some form of an asset, such as land, or property as security. A bridging loan is a secured a loan, which means the loan provider takes second or first charge over the asset, property or land being financed.

If the debtor is a company, the loan provider might need further guarantees. Without the ownership of these assets, a bridging loan cannot proceed. The biggest concern for online bridging loan lenders is when and how they will get repaid. Any online loan provider will want to be certain that if they lend funds, it’ll be settled as guaranteed by the debtor.

The security will also be used to work out the loan to value of a bridging loan, which works in a comparable way to a mortgage from one of the big high street banks, such as Santander, NatWest or the Halifax. The LTV shows the size of the loan in comparison with the value of the property.

HSBC Bridging Loan Calculator

Our calculator is simple to use and has been made to show interest charges and other costs associated with a bridging loan. There are lots of bridging finance companies that charge many different rates of interest along with many other costs. These charges differ making it difficult to offer a bridging loan quoting system online that’s capable of offering quotes for every conceivable circumstance. A bridging loan calculator is only designed as a guide.


On top of the rate of interest you'll be paying a set of different fees when you take out a bridging loan, including some of the following:

  • Legal costs: These pay the solicitor and legal fees of the loan provider and are usually charged at a set rate.
  • Valuation fees: These cover the surveyor's costs for carrying out a property valuation.
  • Introducer fees: If you use a broker, this pays for their work in terms of finding you a suitable loan.
  • Repayment fee: The cost of the paperwork at the end of the loan term.
  • Exit fee: Roughly 1% of the loan should you repay it early; although not every loan provider will charge exit fees.
  • Arrangement fee: The cost of setting up the loan, roughly 1-2% of the loan.

Development Finance at HSBC

One of the largest and most prosperous banks in the world, HSBC offers an extensive portfolio of development finance options. Working with property developers at all levels, HSBC promises competitive rates of interest and minimal borrowing costs. Fees and interest rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis, with both fixed-rate and variable loans available.

Right now, HSBC is offering development finance for up to 75% of the total value of the property. Loans are available starting from £25,000 with no specific maximum limit. A variety of flexible repayment options are available, which include repayment periods from 2 years to 30 years, along with the option of choosing monthly or quarterly interest payments.

It’s also possible to defer a maximum of two loan repayments each year, without facing penalty fees. Interest rates can be fixed for a maximum of 10 years, after which the APR may vary in accordance with the Bank of England Base Rate.

Comparing the UK Market

If you’re looking for the very best development finance deals in the UK, you need to compare the UK market in its entirety. Here at Donkey Finance, we specialise in securing unbeatable deals on outstanding development finance products for all purposes. Rather than scouring the market for an affordable deal, why not let us handle things on your behalf?

Working closely with major banks like HSBC, we’re able to pinpoint the perfect loan product for every applicant. Our network also extends to dozens of dynamic independent lenders, which often outperform High Street banks with unbeatable deals. With the help of Donkey Finance, you’ll by looking at not only a competitive rate of interest, but also the lowest possible borrowing costs on your ideal loan.

Specialist Development Finance Deals

As an independent UK broker, you can rely on Donkey Finance to provide you with honest and impartial advice at all times. Whatever your requirements and however urgent the case may be, we’ll do whatever it takes to set you up with an unbeatable deal.

Whether it’s HSBC or a dedicated development finance specialist you need, we’ll find the best deal the UK market has to offer. Get in touch with the team at Donkey Finance today to discuss your requirements.

Mortgage Loans by HSBC

A mortgage is a massive financial commitment, so you need to know how much it’s going to cost. The most convenient way to finding this out is to use an online mortgage calculator which allows you to figure out exactly what your payments are going to be, regardless of if you are applying for a buy to let mortgage, re-mortgaging, moving house or acting as a first-time buyer.

Buy to Let Mortgages from HSBC

When you get a buy to let mortgage through HSBC you will enjoy a number of benefits that other lenders may not be able to offer you. These include great rates that will lower your monthly payment, low fees for booking, and tracker and fixed rates that are available. By customising your buy to let mortgage to really meet your needs, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about the future of your mortgage.

The Buy to Let Mortgage Process

At HSBC the lender professionals will talk to you about your needs, the property, and what kind of income you expect from your property. They offer LTVs of up to 75%, but do have a maximum lending limit on how much you are allowed to borrow. Additionally, be prepared to pay charges from the lender, as well as some legal fees.

Applying for a Buy to Let Mortgage

It’s easy to apply for your new mortgage from HSBC. Your first step is to get a Decision in Principle, which can occur online, in the branch, or over the phone. Your second step is to make a mortgage application.

Help-to-Buy Loans From HSBC

The Government-backed Help to Buy equity loan scheme is a great option for first-time buyers who may struggle to raise the necessary funds to get on the property ladder. Successful applicants are offered a loan worth 20% of the value of the property, on the condition that they are able to put up a deposit of 5%. This means that the resulting mortgage required needs to cover just 75% of the property’s value and is therefore much easier to obtain.

For the time being however, HSBC does not participate in the Help to Buy scheme.

Commercial Mortgages From HSBC

Business mortgages, also called commercial mortgages for owner-occupiers, are designed for businesses individuals re-mortgaging or buying a property to be used as premises for a business. Business mortgages are also available on a mixed-use property.


Commercial mortgages can be used for three purposes:

  • Owner-occupied: Commercial mortgages for owner-occupiers are normally for two business situations: either a company is planning to buy the property where it operates, or it wants to purchase a new building to relocate to.
  • Residential buy-to-let: Another common scenario for commercial mortgages is the purchase of residential property to be let out. This is normally used by landlords, along with buy-to-let limited companies set up for the very same purpose.
  • Commercial buy-to-let: Much like the above, you could use commercial mortgages for commercial buy-to-lets as well. As an example, you may want to buy a storage facility via your company and let it out. Although this mortgage resembles residential buy-to-let, the loan provider will look at different factors since in general, it's more difficult to lease commercial property.

Mortgage Calculator

If you are you concerned about the affordability of your repayments, a mortgage calculator can help you find out the exact figures. Most mortgage calculators are extremely straightforward to use and within a matter of seconds you’ll know how much the payments are going to be based on the mortgage term, the rate of interest and how much you will have to borrow.

This useful tool, also known as a remortgage calculator or APR calculator, works for various mortgage types – from first-time buyer mortgages to buy-to-let mortgages. Be sure you are aware that these results only offer a quick indication of how much repayments might be.

Business Funding from HSBC

Obtaining business funding to cover expenses, improve cash flow, and help your business grow is very easy when you work with HSBC. They not only have a team of experts who will work with you to determine what kind of business finance you need, but they also will help you foresee challenges that your company will face in the future and how finance for business can help mitigate potential problems. While HSBC is a great company that offers quality products, many people still turn to Donkey Finance because it is so easy to work with us when you need small business funding.

Get the Mortgage You Need

One popular type of small business finance is a business mortgage. HSBC makes it easy to borrow up to 75% of the purchase price and choose either a fixed or variable rate. Additionally, with a minimum loan amount of £25,001 and no maximum, they can finance a wide range of properties. HSBC also offers repayment periods that vary between 2 and 30 years, which makes this an attractive option for business start up funding.

Finding the Right Finance

Even though HSBC offers a number of different products that can be used for funding for business, many people still turn to us at Donkey Finance for alternative business funding for a number of reasons. Not only do we offer new business funding, but we make it incredibly easy to get the financing that you need, as we will consider all types of security property. This means that you don’t have to worry about the condition of your security or whether or not it will meet a set of stringent requirements. Because we know that getting new business finance assistance right away is important, we are here for you, and we make it very easy for you to choose the correct type of funding to meet your needs.

At Donkey Finance, we offer terms as short as 6 months, because we know that sometimes you only need money for a short period of time so that you can pay for accounts receivable, purchase new equipment, or pay your employees during the slow season. We don’t believe in making you take out a loan for longer than you need. With an approval rate over 90%, it’s easy to see why we have so many customers apply with us when they need funding. Thanks to our streamlined approach to lending, you can sometimes get the money you need in a day and are very likely to be approved.

Commercial Loans From HSBC

Commercial loans are only used for the short term, although they might be renewable on maturity. Commercial loans are used to finance capital needs; that is, needs for operations and other needs of the business. Commercial loans can be borrowed from a bank or a credit union.

TThe assets of the business tend to be used to secure the loan. In order to qualify for a commercial loan, the business must be seen as a good credit risk. To establish how good a credit risk a business is, a commercial loan officer will look at numerous financial and tax statements alongside your current business plan.

HSBC Loan Calculator

Online loan calculators compare the cost of different loans that can be paid back from between one to twenty-five years. The APR you’ll be charged will depend on your circumstances and is normally between 3.2% and 99.9%. You can compare the cost of various deals by altering the loan term or the amount you would like to apply to borrow. You may also enter the budget you have every month and let the calculator tell you how much you’re able to borrow and over what period of time. An online loan calculator can be used to compare all kinds of loans from business and home loans to unsecured and secured loans.

Secured Loans at HSBC

HSBC is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic financial service providers. In terms of secured loans however, there are limited options available for the everyday customer. HSBC has a specialist lending team, which considers all applications by way of merit, along with the credit history and financial status of the applicant.

Outside these specialist lending services, HSBC offers secured loans exclusively to existing homeowners looking to borrow funds on the value of their property. Features and characteristics of which include:

  • Loan amounts starting from £10,000 and up
  • Applications considered in accordance with property values and credit checks
  • Alternative options available for debt consolidation
  • Borrowing costs and interest rates vary significantly
  • Limited scope for application of funds borrowed

Secured loans at HSBC are therefore somewhat limited compared to the bank’s more specialist lending services. There are also no specific loan products available for those looking to access larger sums as promptly as possible.

Flexible Secured Loan Options

Donkey Finance is proud to offer an innovative and flexible alternative to the secured loans of HSBC. With a strong focus on flexibility, we provide access to secured loan products for all purposes. If you need to get your hands on a medium to large sum of cash in a hurry, you’ve come to the right place. From secured loans to bridging loans to development finance, our transactions are often completed within a matter of days.

Providing a whole-of-market comparison service, we link our customers with dynamic specialist lenders from across the UK. Low rates of interest, minimal borrowing costs and prompt pay-outs for almost any purpose. So before applying for an HSBC secured loan, see what the team at Donkey Finance can do for you!

No Credit Checks Required

Best of all, our innovative secured loan services are available with no credit checks required. We work with dynamic specialist lenders, who prioritise collateral and security in general. Just as long as you can cover the cost of the loan, your credit history and current financial status don’t matter.

We’ll carry out a complete market comparison on your behalf, considering hundreds of secured loan products from dozens of leading lenders. Donkey Finance will do whatever it takes to minimise borrowing costs, while providing you with a flexible and accessible secured loan to suit your needs. Contact a member of our customer support team today to begin the application process, or check out our exclusive online loans calculator.

Homeowner Loans From HSBC

Most people will have to obtain a loan at some time, whether it is to do something expensive like extend your home, to buy something pricey or to pay off various debts. If you’ve got a mortgage or own your own property, getting a loan can often be easier and cheaper, and you may get access to more money than a person that is not a homeowner. This is because owning a property can give you access to funds to pay the loan back if you lose your job or some other source of income.

Secure homeowner loans are financial products borrowed against the equity in your property. You will be required to make regular monthly repayments throughout the term of the loan, which can be between 5 and 35 years.

Key points when comparing secured loan products:

  • Homeowner loans tend to be paid back over 5 to 25 years and are usually over £25,000, but such figures are not definitive
  • The amount you're allowed to borrow, term and interest are all dependant on property equity, credit rating and personal circumstances
  • Rates are likely to be much more appealing than for a personal loan
  • A homeowner loan is secured against your house

HSBC Auction Finance

Investors and landlords who are looking to add additional property to their portfolio can often get the necessary financing for their purchase using auction finance. Instead of risking losing a piece of property to another investor due to the time constraints of a traditional mortgage, by using auction finance, investors can quickly access the funds they need to purchase property.

Working capital is often tied up in property, making it difficult to buy property at auction without help from a lender. Rather than pursuing more traditional loan options, by opting for auction finance, landlords and investors can easily purchase additional property. There are fewer restrictions on the condition of the property when auction finance is used to purchase it. As a result, investors will be able to make improvements to their property after the purchase, and they will have more options of which properties they can buy.

Career Development Loans From HSBC

As an alternative to career development loans, HSBC offers its current account holders accessible and flexible graduate loans. Available for amounts between £5,000 and £25,000, the loans carry a representative APR of 3.3% and must be applied for within five years of graduation.

The primary appeal of these graduate loans is the speed and ease with which they can be accessed. HSBC provides immediate decisions on eligibility, followed by instant transfer of the required funds if the application is successful. Payment breaks can be taken and early repayment is possible, making graduate loans a great option for those looking to get their careers off to the best possible start.

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While many of the financial products and services provided by HSBC can be applied for online, others require in-person meetings or telephone consultations. In any case, we can help you pinpoint and apply for the perfect product for your needs. .

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