Together Money Development Finance Comparison Calculator

Compare best development finance products to Together Money using our comparison calculator below. Best rates for development finance in UK.

No matter the endeavour, Together Money has crafted its development finance offering to exhibit unparalleled flexibility, catering to a diverse array of situations. They extend loans for various development needs, such as residential properties, HMOs, student accommodations, commercial properties, social housing, starter units, and more.

Throughout the life cycle of your project, you’ll receive support from their committed and highly seasoned relationship managers, along with the rest of their specialised development finance team.

Why choose to use Donkey Finance?

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a spirited newcomer embarking on your initial renovation venture, we present a wide spectrum of property development funding alternatives.

Here are just a few reasons why we stand out as the go-to company:

  • Our development finance commences at £20,000, with limitless possibilities.
  • We fund 100% of construction costs.
  • We can offer 75% of the land purchase price.
  • All our development finance adheres to regulatory standards.
  • Inquire with no strings attached.
  • We operate as a comprehensive market master broker.

Our esteemed client base includes both novices and seasoned professionals seeking suitable development finance to actualize their aspirations while maximising profits—the ultimate objective for any developer. In the realm of property development, whether it’s a realistic yet highly ambitious new build project or a relatively straightforward refurbishment, the finance aspect often becomes the pivotal factor between success and failure. Leveraging our extensive experience and competence, we excel at procuring the most fitting funding options based on the developer’s needs and the project they aim to accomplish.

When you opt for property development finance through us, rest assured that you’re collaborating with industry leaders. Besides offering a sought-after range of finance products from the entire lending market, we provide the most competitive rates with no upfront application fees. Moreover, we can finance up to 100% of building costs for most projects, given sufficient collateral. We also assist with land acquisition costs and offer funding options starting from £20,000, with no upper borrowing limit, provided the project is commercially viable and the applicant already owns the development land without restrictions.

Let our AI software compare rates for development finance against high-street banks and other institutions:

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NatWest Post Office
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Shawbrook Bank Skipton Building Society
Tesco Together Money
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