Skipton Building Society Development Finance Comparison Calculator

Compare best development finance products to Skipton Building Society using our comparison calculator below. Best rates for development finance in UK.

Established in 1853, Skipton Building Society has been dedicated to fostering a brighter future for individuals by offering a secure haven for savings and facilitating the acquisition of first homes. With a history spanning over 160 years, their commitment remains steadfast.

Skipton Building Society, founded in Skipton, North Yorkshire, continues to be headquartered there and stands as the fourth-largest building society in the United Kingdom. Boasting over 1 million members and 100 locations, it upholds its mission with resilience.

However, it’s important to note that, as of now, Skipton Building Society does not provide development finance.

Donkey Finance: Your Comprehensive Development Finance Solution

At Donkey Finance, we operate as ‘whole of market’ brokers, ensuring access to the most competitive rates. This empowers us to offer affordable financing solutions for a diverse range of property purchases and developments.

Our development finance options cater to various projects, including:

  • Residential Property Development – Involving the development of flats or houses on brown or greenfield sites.
  • Projects may include the conversion of large houses into HMOs or vice versa. Typically undertaken as a commercial venture.

If traditional financing proves challenging for your renovation or extension project, a residential property development loan might be the ideal solution. The funds are secured against the property’s market value, and your ability to afford regular repayments is not solely based on your monthly income.

Self-Build Finance:

  • Designed for those constructing a new home for personal occupancy.
  • FCA-regulated and structured similarly to conventional mortgages.
  • Requires demonstrating the capacity to afford monthly repayments.

Commercial and Semi-Commercial Developments:

  • Suitable for funding commercial property development, including offices, industrial units, and retail outlets.
  • Can be used for immediate cash flow needs, such as purchasing materials or addressing tax bills.
  • The loan is secured against the property’s brick and mortar value.

Property renovation and refurbishment:

  • Encompasses comprehensive renovation and refurbishment work, including conversions of derelict buildings.
  • FCA regulation applies if the intention is to occupy the building after conversion.

Why choose Donkey Finance?

Selecting Donkey Finance for your property development finance ensures collaboration with industry leaders. We offer a diverse range of finance products from the entire lending market, boasting the lowest available rates without upfront application fees. Additionally, we have the capacity to fund up to 100% of building costs for most projects, provided sufficient collateral is in place. Whether you need assistance with land purchasing costs or seek funding starting from £20,000 with no upper borrowing limit, we’ve got you covered—as long as the project is commercially viable and the applicant already owns the development land without restrictions.

Let our AI software compare rates for development finance against high-street banks and other institutions: