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In 2016, Shawbrook Bank made a significant foray into the development finance sector by establishing a dynamic division that has successfully extended loans exceeding £1 billion.

Renowned for its prowess in development finance, Shawbrook Bank has earned a robust reputation within the industry.

The brokerage community recognises Shawbrook Bank for its diverse range of financial solutions and asset categories.

Since its origin in 2016, Shawbrook Bank’s development finance arm has evolved into a formidable team of over 15 professionals, providing extensive national coverage.

Shawbrook’s adept development team seamlessly collaborates with their commercial and residential mortgage counterparts from project inception. Consequently, developers seeking to retain units can swiftly synchronise with Shawbrook on completion for tailored lending solutions.

This streamlined approach eliminates the need for developers to endure prolonged waits for project profits, as they might with alternative mortgage lenders. Consequently, Shawbrook facilitates swift transitions for property developers, empowering them to efficiently embark on their subsequent ventures.

Unearth some lesser-known facts about Shawbrook:

In its journey to achieve a remarkable lending milestone of £1 billion, Shawbrook has been the cornerstone for 238 novel developments. This impressive contribution translates into the creation of 3,500 residential houses and flats, 601 commercial units, and over 1,000 student rooms.

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