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Martin Lewis, a highly respected figure in the realm of personal finance, gained prominence with the launch of MoneySavingExpert in 2003. His renowned comparison platform has saved countless households substantial amounts across various sectors, including insurance, mortgages, and household utilities like gas and electricity.

Presently, MoneySavingExpert, founded by Martin Lewis, is integrated into the Moneysupermarket brand, an acquisition made in 2012 for £87 million. Although Martin Lewis continues to be the face of Money Saving Expert, he no longer holds ownership of the brand.

Unlike the financial endeavours associated with Martin Lewis and his affiliated comparison sites, development finance has never been a part of their portfolio.

Understanding development finance

Development finance is a loan specifically directed towards land purchases and construction costs for a development project. While property development poses its challenges, securing finance for it doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

For property developers, investors, or landlords, a variety of finance options exist to kickstart your next project.

In the case of projects involving substantial refurbishments, a ‘refurbishment bridge’ might be a suitable choice. This funding option covers 3–24 months of building costs and sometimes offers the flexibility to convert into a mortgage later on.

Why Opt for Our Development Finance Services

Choosing us for property development finance ensures that you collaborate with industry leaders. We not only present a diverse range of finance products from the entire lending market but also provide the lowest available rates without upfront application fees. Our assistance extends to covering land purchase costs, offering funding options starting from £20,000 with no upper borrowing limit, as long as the project is commercially viable and the applicant already owns the development land without restrictions.

What do we offer?

  • Finance from £20,000 with no limits
  • 100% of build costs are funded by us
  • 75% of the land purchase price is covered by us
  • All of our development finance products are regulated
  • Enquire with no obligation
  • We are a whole of market master broker

We have the capacity to fund up to 100% of building costs for most projects, given sufficient collateral.

Let our AI software compare rates for development finance against high-street banks and other institutions:

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