Skipton Building Society Commercial Finance Comparison Calculator

Compare the best commercial finance deals to Skipton Building Society using our comparison calculator below. Best rates for business loans.

While the Skipton Building Society itself doesn’t directly offer business loans, they have a dedicated subsidiary called Skipton Business Finance that specializes in providing financial solutions for businesses. So, in essence, you can access business loans through Skipton, but not under the “Skipton Building Society” brand directly.

Skipton Business Finance offers a range of financial products for businesses, including:

  • Term Loans: Traditional secured or unsecured loans for various business needs like equipment purchase, expansion, or working capital.
  • Asset Finance: Funding for specific assets like vehicles, machinery, or IT equipment.
  • Invoice Finance: Access cash upfront by selling your outstanding invoices to Skipton Business Finance.
  • Overdrafts: Flexible borrowing facility to cover short-term cash flow needs.
  • Recovery Loan Scheme: government-backed loans to help businesses recover from the pandemic.

The specific products and eligibility criteria might vary depending on your business type, size, and financial situation.

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