Martin Lewis Bridging Loan Comparison Calculator

Use our bridging loan calculator for quick rate comparisons with Martin Lewis. Gain access to the best bridging loan rates sourced in the UK.

Martin Lewis is not a financial institution and does not offer bridging loans. He is a journalist and broadcaster known for his website and TV show, MoneySavingExpert, which provides financial advice and information to consumers in the UK. His expertise lies in personal finance, not bridge loans specifically.

Bridging loans that are adaptable for any reason

Donkey Finance is your go-to expert for a diverse range of bridging and development finance solutions, catering to a myriad of requirements and budgets. Our dedicated team works in close collaboration with an extensive network of top-tier lenders throughout the UK, adeptly negotiating advantageous deals and exclusive rates on behalf of our clients.

Diverging from conventional comparison platforms, we conduct a comprehensive market analysis to ensure our customers secure the most favourable terms on adaptable bridging loans. Thanks to our strong affiliations with partner providers, we streamline every step of the application process, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free transaction experience.

With all required documentation in order, a bridging loan can be swiftly secured and made available within just a few working days. These loans come with a remarkably low starting interest rate of as little as 0.5% per month, making them an ideal choice for time-sensitive acquisitions and lucrative investment prospects.

For detailed information or to delve deeper into the potential advantages of bridging finance, reach out to a Donkey Finance team member today.

Donkey Finance’s approach to bridging

Donkey Finance tailors short-term finance solutions for private clients and business borrowers of various types.

During your initial consultation, we will assist you in establishing a complete picture of the options available, as well as which type of funding best matches your needs. We will then compare offers from dozens of specialty lenders, many of which only provide their services through broker connections.

Bridging loans are available for terms ranging from one to twenty-four months, with the option of making regular interest payments or rolling the interest into the final lump-sum loan repayment.

We can also offer cheap development funding for larger property development and construction projects through our trusted lending partners. Call the staff at at any moment to learn more or to discuss your specific needs.

How can I obtain a bridging loan if Martin Lewis does not provide it?

Feel assured if Martin Lewis isn’t your first choice for bridging finance. In the United Kingdom, there are dedicated lenders exclusively focused on offering tailored bridging loan solutions. For optimal bridging loan terms, partnering with a reputable bridging finance agency and conducting a meticulous market analysis is crucial.

Enter Donkey Finance, your comprehensive destination for all things bridging finance! We’re fully committed to delivering a service that precisely aligns with your requirements, boasting an impressive track record spanning over two decades in the financial industry.

What sets Donkey Finance apart from MoneySavingExpert?

We distinguish ourselves by allowing you to:

  • Take advantage of incredibly cheap interest rates, starting as low as 0.55%.
  • Borrow up to £20,000 in any sum.
  • Gain access to the whole financial market, ensuring you have access to the greatest solutions available.
  • Negotiate the best terms and circumstances for your bridge financing.
  • Rely on our significant experience in meeting the needs of both property owners and developers.

While MoneySavingExpert offers information on bridging loans and comparisons of different lenders, it does not directly offer these loans itself. They typically redirect users to reputable bridging loan providers after presenting an overview of the product and its features.

Typical costs based on 0.55% rates over 12 months

Bridging Loan Amount Repayment Amount (excluding broker fees etc)
£50,000 £59,254
£60,000 £70,148
£70,000 £81,042
£80,000 £91,936
£90,000 £102,829
£100,000 £113,723
£110,000 £124,836
£120,000 £135,948
£130,000 £147,060
£140,000 £158,172

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