How much will you repay on your bridging loan?

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Using the bridging loan calculator provides an indication of bridging loan costs and allows us to do the hard work and find the best bridging loan deal available. There are no preliminary credit checks.

Understanding bridging loans further

Taking out a bridging loan may seem complicated, but when you use a bridging loan calculator, you can make sure that you understand the finances involved and are going to be prepared when you have to start paying back your loan.

While some people don’t see the value of using a bridging loan calculator, this is the best and fastest way to compare rates, calculate bridge loan payments, and ensure that you are not setting yourself up for failure by borrowing too much money. An online bridging loan rate calculator makes this process simple and will give you plenty of information that makes it much easier to talk to a lender about your needs and what you will be able to afford.

At Donkey, we suggest to all of our customers that they use a bridge loan calculator to better understand the amount of money they want to borrow and how they will pay it back.

Information you need to use a bridging finance calculator

While using a bridging loan calculator in the UK is fairly easy, you need to be prepared with some information before getting started. A quality bridging loans calculator in the UK will require the following information: the value of the property to be used as security, the outstanding mortgage amount that you owe, how much money you need to borrow, what rate you are going to be charged, any lender exit fee you may have to pay, and any lender arrangement fee that you are going to be charged.

How to get your information for the calculation

While some of the information that you will need to enter in the bridging loan cost calculator you will have yourself, such as the value of your property and any outstanding mortgage amount, other information you will need to get from the lender They will be able to provide you with the interest rate, how much you will owe in fees, and what amount they will be willing to lend you.

To ensure that you get correct information from the bridging loans UK calculator, you need to use accurate numbers, or the information you receive will not be useful.

It’s always smart to prepare yourself with the help of a bridging loan calculator before deciding to take out a bridge loan. Using a bridging loan cost calculator will allow you to decide exactly how much you can afford to borrow and will help you plan for the future when it comes to when you need to pay back the loan.

Typical costs based on 0.55% rates over 12 months

Bridging Loan Amount Repayment Amount (excluding broker fees etc)
£50,000 £59,254
£60,000 £70,148
£70,000 £81,042
£80,000 £91,936
£90,000 £102,829
£100,000 £113,723
£110,000 £124,836
£120,000 £135,948
£130,000 £147,060
£140,000 £158,172