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With a legacy spanning over four decades, Together Money has consistently been a trailblazer, setting benchmarks distinct from traditional banks and lenders in the UK. Going beyond the ordinary high-street offerings, Together Money provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions, including first-time buyer mortgages, bridging loans, auction finance, and more. However, it is paramount to conduct a thorough comparison of the entire UK lending market before finalising a lender and selecting the most suitable loan.

At Donkey Finance, our collaboration extends beyond big names like Together Money to encompass well-established independent lenders nationwide.

Auction Property Purchases with Donkey Finance

Securing a property outright with a substantial cash investment is often a financial challenge for the majority of home buyers, particularly in times of soaring house prices. In such scenarios, bridging finance emerges as a valuable ally, helping individuals turn their property dreams into reality.

For those eyeing properties at auctions, a bridging loan stands out as the optimal funding solution, available either ‘in principle’ before the auction or swiftly following its conclusion. The unparalleled speed at which bridging finance can be arranged positions it as the most efficient route when engaging in auction property purchases. Opting for a traditional mortgage, with its prolonged processing time, may lead to missed opportunities for buyers.

Bridging finance extends its utility even to auction properties considered uninhabitable. Such properties often fall outside the eligibility criteria for standard mortgage products until they undergo the necessary upgrades to meet acceptable standards. Structures lacking bathrooms or kitchens, for instance, are typically ineligible for a mortgage until renovations are completed. Bridging finance steps in to bridge this gap, offering the flexibility to bring the property to a liveable standard.

Let our AI software compare rates for auction finance against high-street banks and other institutions:

Main Stream Banks
Barclays Halifax
HSBC Lloyds Bank
Martin Lewis Nationwide
NatWest Post Office
RBS Santander
Shawbrook Bank Skipton Building Society
Tesco Together Money
UK Bridging Loans Yorkshire Bank