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In 2003, Martin Lewis CBE, the brain behind the Money Saving Expert, established the largest consumer assistance website in the UK. Currently serving as its Executive Chair, he actively manages site content, with a particular focus on the MSE weekly email. Beyond his role as an award-winning campaigning journalist, he boasts a prime-time ITV show, founded a charity, authored books, and holds the title of the most searched-for British man in the UK, as per Google records.

Martin Lewis and the two associated comparison sites have never included auction finance in their offerings. MoneySupermarket offers a fundamental introductory guide to bridging loans, which can extend to auction finance. However, it does not engage in the comparison or provision of auction finance.

Individuals seeking information on bridging loans are directed to a third-party provider that connects them with a range of bridging loan options from various UK lenders.

Donkey Finance: quick and efficient auction financing

Acquiring a property at auction demands an immediate 10% deposit and a full payment of the remaining balance within a short timeframe. While Halifax provides mortgage products without a specific upper limit, the application process typically spans weeks, making it an impractical choice for those seeking a swift property auction solution.

For individuals with time flexibility, traditional mortgage products might be suitable. However, urgent financial needs call for specialised auction finance. At Donkey Finance, we collaborate with an extensive network of lenders throughout the UK. This allows us to identify and secure the perfect loan product for each client, tailored to their specific requirements and current financial standing.

Streamlined and affordable borrowing solutions

Why go through the hassle of manually navigating the market when Donkey Finance can take care of it for you? If you’re contemplating a property auction purchase, reach out to us—we’re eager to assist. Our team will meticulously compare top-notch deals from leading lenders across the UK, granting you access to exclusive auction finance products that are hard to come by elsewhere.

At Donkey Finance, we are committed to minimising all associated borrowing costs by eliminating unnecessary fees and charges wherever possible. Whether you’re in the process of buying a home or looking to expand your property portfolio, the Donkey Finance team is ready to offer their assistance.

Feel free to call us today to delve into the details of our auction finance services.

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