Formerly Sovereign Bank, Santander Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spanish Santander Group. Established in Spain though today headquartered in Boston USA, Santander continues to show growing commitment to technological innovation and product flexibility. Santander is also the international banking group with the largest branch network, with an impressive 14,680 branches worldwide.

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  • Compare Santander Commercial Finance
  • Commercial Finance Comparisons
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      • Compare Santander Loans
      • Compare Santander Commercial Finance
      • Commercial Finance Comparisons
      • Get Better Rates than Santander
      • Whole Of Market Commercial Finance Broker
      • Fully FCA Regulated Loans
      • Compare over 75 Lenders

      Business Funding from Santander

      At Santander, you can easily apply for business funding to help bring your business’ dreams to life. No matter whether you need a smaller amount to help pay your bills while you wait on accounts receivable, or you need more money due to an opportunity for expansion, new business funding is important and can give you the freedom that you need. Choosing between loans can be tricky, but working with the right company will give you peace of mind. That’s why, at Donkey Finance, we offer alternative business funding that is very easy to obtain and to understand.

      Your Time Frame Matters

      While Santander offers business loans that vary in length from 1-5 years, at Donkey Finance we know that sometimes you need business finance for a very short period of time. That’s why we offer loans for as short a time period as six months. We believe that this will allow you to make a purchase, reconcile your accounts receivable, or wait for a sale to go through and pay off your loan without accruing a lot of interest. If you are interested in small business funding that will best meet your needs, then you need to consider how our loans can be adapted to your requirements.

      Sometimes You Need More

      At Santander, you can opt for small business finance that ranges from £2,000 to £25,000. If that does not give you the money that you need, then you will need to work with their commercial loan department, which can be more stringent. At Donkey Finance, we will happily lend our customers up to £200,000. This makes it very easy for them to obtain business start up funding or new business finance without having to jump through a lot of hoops to get the money that they need.

      We believe in providing you with your finance for business as quickly as possible, which is why we offer such fast response times on all loan applications and work hard to provide you with your funding for business in a short time frame. Rather than stopping in a branch, calling to apply, or opening various Santander accounts to qualify for premier rates, when you apply with us at Donkey Finance, you can quickly complete your application online, and you don’t need to worry about whether or not you are eligible for certain rates or account promotions. We believe in providing our customers with the best lending options, and we do it well.

      Commercial Loans from Santander

      A commercial loan is a short term, and it might be renewable when it matures. A commercial loan is used to finance capital needs; that is, needs for operations.

      Commercial loans are usually borrowed from a bank or a credit union.

      Normally the assets of the business are used to secure the loan.

      To get approved for a commercial loan, the business needs to be seen as a good credit risk. A commercial loan officer looks at numerous tax and financial statements, and a business plan, to establish how good a credit risk a business is.

      There is a range of loan calculators which have been designed to help you find what is right for you based on your circumstances. An online loan calculator can be used to determine the cost of the following loans:

      • Personal Loans
      • Home Loans
      • Secured Loans
      • Unsecured Loans
      • Business Loans

      Always remember that a loan calculator only gives you a rough idea of your eligibility for a loan and the approximate costs. Online loan calculators will never guarantee whether you’re going to be accepted for a loan or not.

      Commercial Finance Calculator

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