Bridging Loans

Compare bridging loans from leading lenders across the UK, with the help of Donkey Finance. We make it quick and easy to compare bridging loan rates for all purposes, working with dynamic financial service providers of unbeatable quality.

If you need to borrow a considerable amount of money in a fast timeframe, and you are able to provide the required real estate assets as security, a low-cost bridging loan from Donkey Finance can provide the perfect solution.

We currently offer two main types of bridge loan product, which are aimed squarely at two specific categories of client.

Regulated Bridging Loans

Residential bridging loans are short term borrowing products that are typically secured against a client’s primary residence or main dwelling. They are useful for covering the cost of home improvements, for debt consolidation purposes, or for funding the purchase of a new property whilst awaiting the outcome of the sale of your original home. If you want to raise funds quickly and you have sufficient equity left over in your property, whether it is mortgaged or owned outright, a short term bridging loan from Donkey Finance could solve all of your problems at once.

With low borrowing rates, starting at just 0.49% per month on loans that are secured against 50% or less of the total worth of your primary residence, these competitive bridge loan products are highly affordable and exceptionally convenient. Borrowing terms are available from just two to three weeks, up to 12 months or more, depending on your requirements.

Unlike most other secured borrowing products, our FCA approved and regulated bridging loans are repaid in full at the end of the term with the associated fees and costs rolled-up and added to the net value of the loan you are applying for.

Unregulated Bridge Loans

Unregulated bridging loan products are useful in situations where the borrower intends to use a non-residential real estate asset as security for funding. If a bridging loan is secured against a commercially owned piece of property or land, such as a development plot, a warehouse or a building that is not fit for habitation, then the borrowing rules are relaxed in accordance. As an experienced finance provider, the team at Donkey is able to provide both regulated and unregulated products.

Whether you are looking to acquire short term bridging finance in order to purchase a new property for your business needs, or you need to raise the funds to acquire an auction property or settle a number of existing debts, an unregulated bridging loan from Donkey Finance will serve as a competitive borrowing option with flexible repayment terms. Whatever your needs, simply contact the team and we will do our utmost to provide the most sensible loan product with the most competitive rates and terms. Our fees are always amongst the lowest in the industry, and our commitment to client satisfaction is quite simply unrivalled, regardless of borrowing context.

Compare Bridging Finance Rates

As a whole-of-market broker, Donkey Finance provides access to the most outstanding bridge finance deals the UK has to offer. We compare bridging loans from dozens of independent financial specialists, ensuring every borrower secures accessible and affordable funding. We make it quick and easy to compare bridging loan rates and all associated borrowing costs, pinpointing the perfect bridge loans for your requirements and your budget. A new type of comparison site for the modern borrower, Donkey Finance specialises in flexible financial solutions for all purposes.

With no up-front fees and no credit checks required, we provide streamlined access to the UK’s most dynamic financial products and packages. Funding is available from £20,000 with no upper-limit and can be used for any purposes you have in mind. From last-minute shortfalls to planned purchases and renovations, our premium bridging loan comparison services have you and your business covered.

Call today and let the experts at Donkey Finance handle all the complex formalities on your behalf.