Tesco Bank was established to provide simplified yet intelligent financial services for ‘real’ people across the UK. Despite starting out as a small sub-brand with limited services on offer, Tesco Bank now has more than 8 million customers and continues to grow.

  • Compare Tesco Bank Auction Finance
  • Auction Finance Loan
  • Best Auction Finance Rates Guaranteed
  • Fully FCA Regulated Loans
  • No Preliminary Credit Checks


      • Compare Tesco Bank Auction Finance
      • Auction Finance Loan
      • Best Auction Finance Rates Guaranteed
      • Fully FCA Regulated Loans
      • No Preliminary Credit Checks

      Auction Finance at Tesco

      Tesco specialises exclusively in personal loans and consumer financial products such as mortgages. As things stand right now, there are no services available at Tesco Bank that would qualify as auction finance. Personal loans are available from £7,500 to £25,000 with interest rates as low as 3%, but there is no specific allowance for those looking to buy properties at auction.

      Due to the length and complexity of the application process, conventional mortgages are unsuitable for financing purchases at auction. Hence, Tesco Bank doesn’t qualify as a viable candidate for auction finance. If you’re looking to cover the costs of a property purchase within a strictly limited period of time, you need a specialist auction finance expert in your corner.

      Unbeatable Auction Finance Deals

      Here at Donkey Finance, that’s exactly what we offer. Our experience and expertise in all aspects of auction finance are unrivalled. Come to us and we’ll carry out an extensive search of the UK lending market, finding the best possible deal to suit your requirements.

      The best auction finance is easy to access, available for urgent property purchases and free of unnecessary admin costs. By working with leading lenders across the UK, we’re able to pinpoint the perfect products for every borrower.

      Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home or simply out to expand your property portfolio, our auction finance services have you covered.

      Our Online Loans Calculator

      If still unsure as to the perfect product for your needs, use our online loan calculator for an overview of what’s available. Simply enter a few basic details and you’ll quickly see the available options. Alternatively, we’d be happy to provide you with a pressure-free, obligation-free consultation to discuss your requirements.

      Buying a property at auction is a great way of securing an unbeatable bargain. It’s simply a case of ensuring you’ve got the funds available to make the payment. If time is a factor and you’d prefer to avoid overpaying, we’re standing by to offer our full support.

      Contact the team at Donkey Finance today for more information on our auction finance services.

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