National Westminster Bank, normally referred to as NatWest, is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Credited with introducing innovations like telephone banking to the industry in the 1980s, NatWest currently employs around 33,000 people and operates hundreds of branches across the United Kingdom.

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      • Compare Natwest Auction Finance
      • Fast and Easy Enquiries
      • Best Rates for Auction Finance
      • FCA Regulated Loans and Finance
      • No Preliminary Credit Checks

      Auction Finance at NatWest

      NatWest Bank takes a somewhat unusual approach to the subject of auction finance. Despite offering plenty of helpful advice for those considering buying a property at auction, NatWest doesn’t actually offer specific auction finance products. There’s an extensive range of residential and commercial mortgages to choose from, but no targeted auction finance services.

      For the prospective buyer, this could prove problematic. The reason is that when looking to buy a property at auction, time is always a factor. In most instances, full payment for the property must be made within a matter of days. Otherwise, you run the risk of not only losing the sale, but forfeiting the deposit paid on the day.

      NatWest Bank is a popular choice for more traditional mortgage products, but may not be a suitable lender for auction finance.

      Fast Access Auction Finance

      The best auction finance deals bring two key characteristics to the table – affordability and timeliness. Here at Donkey Finance, we go the extra mile to maximise both for every customer.

      Whatever your requirements, we’ll set you up with your ideal loan in the fastest possible time. From application submission to receipt of the funds you require, you’ll be looking at a matter of days, not weeks. In addition, we compare deals from lenders across the UK to keep borrowing costs as low as possible. From major lenders to the smallest independent specialists, we’ll consider every available option to find you an unbeatable deal.

      It takes just a quick call to get started – reach out to a member of the team at Donkey Finance today.

      Dynamic Borrowing for Property Purchase

      Whatever type of property you are interested in buying, there are various funding solutions to consider. Even if your credit history is anything but perfect, we’ll do whatever it takes to set you up with a competitive deal.

      We’d be delighted to provide you with a pressure-free, obligation-free consultation to discuss your requirements in more detail. Pick up the phone, or contact the team at Donkey Finance by e-mail any time.

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