Legal Information and Policies


Responsible Lending

To ensure that a lender is giving money only to responsible borrowers, they have to make sure that the borrower is creditworthy. They do this by taking into consideration, the customer’s financial well being, ability to make repayments, and the credit history.

Information to be used

Information from the customer, credit agency reports, proof of expenses and income, and past history with a customer, all come into play when deciding whether or not to lend to a customer. The payments have to be sustainable and the lender can’t recommend credit amounts that the borrower will not be able to afford.

Avoiding prohibited actions

Additionally, firms can’t complete credit applications for a customer without their consent or accept an application if they suspect the customer hasn’t been completely truthful.

By following the rules, considering important factors, and avoiding prohibited actions, Donkey Finance are able to give the customers the money they need to borrow, without putting them at risk of not being able to pay back their loans.

Complaints Procedure

While Donkey Finance does everything to treat the customers with respect and to ensure their money problems are handled correctly, there are some times when people make mistakes and issues are not taken care of properly. If you are unhappy with the way that you have been treated or your request for a loan has been handled, you will need to file an official complaint. By following the correct steps, this is an easy process.

Wait for acknowledgement and investigation

After filing your complaint, you will receive acknowledgement of its receipt within 5 business days. After that your complaint will be investigated and you will receive a final response within a month. There are some times that the investigation will take longer, in which case, you will get an update about your case.

Your final response

There are some times that the investigation will take longer than 4 weeks, and if it does then you can expect a final response within eight weeks. The time frame begins as soon as your complaint is received. While most complaints are easily resolved in this time frame, some need longer, and you will receive written information about when you can expect resolution, if yours needs additional time to resolve.

Further steps to take

If you do not get a final response within 8 weeks of your complaint or are unhappy with the final response you have received during the process, you can write for more information and additional investigation and support.

Privacy Statement and Policy

Delve into the intricacies of data usage with our privacy policy at Donkey Finance (“us”, “we”, “our”) as you navigate through (“website”, “service”). This policy is crafted to illuminate how we handle and safeguard the information you furnish during your interactions with us.

Please be aware that we maintain the right to modify this policy at any juncture, and rest assured, you will receive prompt updates. To stay abreast of the latest changes, we recommend frequent visits to this page.


Upon exploring our website, various data points may be gathered, including but not limited to:

Anonymous identifiers like your IP address.
Contact details and email address, establishing a means of communication.
Additional information encompassing your interests and preferences.
A detailed data profile, capturing insights into your online behaviour while navigating our website.


Our data collection serves a myriad of purposes, including but not limited to:

Gaining profound insights into your requirements for a more comprehensive understanding.
Enhancing the quality of our services and products through continual improvement.
Keeping you informed and engaged with tailored promotional emails featuring content we believe will capture your interest.
Initiating contact for survey participation and other forms of market research to gather valuable feedback.
Tailoring our website to align seamlessly with your online behaviour and individual preferences.

Safeguarding and securing data

At Donkey Finance, our dedication to safeguarding your data and maintaining confidentiality is unwavering. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and software to proactively prevent data theft, unauthorised access, and disclosure, showcasing our commitment to securing all online information we collect.

Our Cookie Policy

By consenting to the utilisation of cookies on our website, you also authorise the collection of data concerning your online behaviour, encompassing the analysis of web traffic, visited web pages, and time spent on each.

The data acquired through cookie usage serves the purpose of tailoring our website to meet your specific needs. Subsequent to employing the data for statistical analysis, it is promptly purged from our systems.

Please be aware that cookies are incapable of seizing control of your computer; rather, their purpose is limited to monitoring the utility of pages to enhance your experience. Should you opt to disable cookies, you can manage this through your internet browser settings. For detailed guidance on disabling cookies across various browsers and devices, visit

Links to other sites

Explore the various links on our website that direct you to other online destinations. It’s important to note that Donkey Finance bears no responsibility for the protection of your data and privacy when you click on these links. The privacy policy agreement outlined here does not extend to your visits to those external websites. We strongly recommend reviewing the privacy policy documentation of the specific website you visit through ours to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their privacy practices.

Restricting collection of personal data

Should you wish to control the use and collection of your personal data, consider the following steps:

During the completion of website forms, be attentive to the presence of an unchecked box, providing you the option to abstain from disclosing your personal information.

If you have previously consented to share your information and now seek to revise this choice, feel free to reach out to us via email, and we’ll gladly accommodate your request.

Rest assured, Donkey Finance will refrain from leasing, selling, or distributing your personal information to third parties without your explicit permission. Exceptions may occur if mandated by law. Furthermore, your personal information will only be utilised for promotional purposes if you explicitly agree to the terms of this privacy policy.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on our website to enhance your experience and deliver relevant information. As required by GDPR, we will request your permission to use cookies on our website.

Understanding cookies

Cookies, essentially text files, reside on your computer to enable websites to recognise you when you visit. Their purpose is to enhance your online experience by allowing websites to remember your preferences and behaviour.

Ownership of cookie settings may lie with the website owner, or in certain instances, third-party services authorised by the website owner to present or store additional information. These services may also contribute functionalities such as data analytics to further enrich your browsing experience.

Application of cookies on this platform

The utilisation of cookies on our site aims to enhance its functionality. We deploy cookies to elevate your overall browsing experience and to retain your preferences, eliminating the need for redundant data submission.

In addition, third-party cookies may be employed to introduce diverse functionalities, including data analytics and refined targeted advertising, further enriching your interaction with our platform.

Managing & removing cookies

Should you change your mind in the future you always have the option of removing cookies from your browser. Please the below links depending on your browser: