Donkey Finance AI Comparison Software

Donkey AI software makes applying for a loan easy, saves time, is stress-free, and, best of all, gets you the best rate for your loan.

Donkey AI software searches for the best rates for mortgages and loans provided by lenders, brokers and banks. Get access to the best rates for loans and mortgages, including bridging loans, merchant cash advance business loans, equity release, property development financing, and secured loans.

Our AI software delivers flexible, personalised, and forward-thinking financing solutions. If you are searching for a competitive financing package but are unable to acquire funding from a conventional lender, give us a call or fill out the ‘Get My Free Quote’ form, and we will ‘Do the Donkey Work’ to get you the right deal.

Providing the right type of loan, fast

Our main forte lies in the provision of a diverse range of flexible, tailored, forward-thinking lending solutions. Loans can be secured against most reasonable assets without placing unnecessary barriers and restrictions between the borrower and lender.

If you are looking for a competitive financing package and are finding it impossible to secure funds from a mainstream lender, then give us a call, and we will ‘Do the Donkey Work’ to find a way to get the finance you need. In short, where most other lenders repeatedly fail and fall short of the mark, we aim to source most funding requirements.

Partners with mainstream lenders

Donkey Finance has relationships with mainstream lenders, giving it the flexibility to source the best rates available in the UK. Donkey Finance has a dedicated team that search and compare the lenders rates, seeking the best rates amongst our lenders for our customers.

Fully FCA-regulated finance

Our premium partner is UK Property Finance Ltd, a UK-registered company that is fully FCA-regulated (Reference No. 667602) and Whole of Market.

Unregulated finance

UK Bridging Loans Ltd (company no. 06184264) are our choice as a bridging loan lender. We are able to offer the best bridging loan rates in the UK and are able to get decisions the same day in most cases!

We pride ourselves on providing easy-to-use, trusted financial solutions, making it simple to secure finance. Get access to highly qualified whole-market lenders and brokers that offer the best rates. Using AI software to identify the lender with the best deal on that specific day.