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If you are looking for a competitive financing package and are finding it impossible to secure funds from a mainstream lender then simply give us a call and we will deliver an individually tailored borrowing solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Bridging Loans

With low rates of interest starting at just 0.49% per month on bridging finance that is secured against 50% of the value of your property, our bridging loans are ultra competitive and incredibly quick to arrange. Whether you need to access much needed funds in order to purchase an auction property or a new residential dwelling, or you are looking to free up some of the equity in your commercial property assets for business use, our fast and flexible bridging loan products are available with terms of one week to twelve months, depending on your borrowing needs.

Development Finance

Development finance is a type of funding that is aimed at meeting the needs of property developers and it is usually released in stages as a development project advances. Whether you are creating a new build development from scratch, such as a block of houses, a new supermarket or a block of houses, or you intend to carry out extensive renovation works on an existing property, funding can be provided anywhere in the region of £50,000 to £50 million - depending on your individual needs and borrowing criteria. Donkey finance can provide a full range of funding solutions that are suitable for small refurbishment projects or large-scale developments.

Secured Loans

Often referred to as homeowner loans, these secured borrowing products are ideal for residential property owners who are looking to release the equity in their homes for purposes such as debt consolidation, covering the costs of weddings or holidays, or for home improvement reasons. Entry level loans start at around £25,000, and funding can be secured up to £25 million - depending on the specific borrowing needs of the client and the amount of collateral they are able to provide. If you own a property outright, then you will typically require a first charge loan secured against your real estate assets. If the property is still mortgaged, then a second charge lending product will be required, which usually needs to be approved by the mortgage provider.

Commercial Finance

If you are looking to borrow funds for business purposes, you can always apply for a commercial loan. This type of funding is typically secured against commercially owned real estate, although in some cases, finance can be raised against business assets such as vehicles or machinery. As leading loan experts, Donkey Finance offer a wide range of commercial borrowing options, which can be tailored to meet your individual criteria, as long as you have sufficient equity to serve as security.


As one of the UK's leading loan providers, the team at Donkey are also able to offer residential and commercial mortgages. We always search the whole-of-market in order to ensure you get the most competitive quote on a mortgage that entirely covers your needs. With low borrowing rates and flexible repayment terms, our streamlined mortgage packages are suitable for first time buyers, existing mortgage holders in search of a better deal and Buy-to-Let Landlords seeking to maximise profits. Our commercial mortgages are also highly attractive and can be used to fund the purchase any type of building imaginable - or even land.